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World Zoroastrian Organisation, India (WZO, India) has been gifted a building by the name of Bharda House in Udvada by Ms. Gool Bharda and her family. The building is in a dilapidated condition and the structure needs to be re-constructed from plinth level.

WZO, India since past 11 years, runs Katila lodge which is a stop over point for those who wish to visit the holy Iranshah. Accommodation at Katila Lodge is given at a very nominal charge of Rs 40/- per day (it was Rs. 20/- in the year 2001).This place has only 4 rooms and will continue serving the community in future. WZO, India proposes to re-construct Bharda House and make 12 to 16 self contained rooms with modern amenities, which will be given to Parsi / Irani Zarthostis coming to visit Pak Iranshah, at a reasonable cost. Efforts will be made to also provide meals at reasonable rates. Visiting Iranshah is becoming more and more expensive now. Our aim is to provide decent facilities at affordable rates.

The total cost of construction of the building will be about Rs. 1.2 crore. We have received a munificent donation of Rs. 20 Lakhs from a well-wisher and construction of boundary wall has commenced, since there was an encroachment on the property which is now removed.

However we require more funds to carry out the project. Hence it is our humble appeal to all philanthropists, individuals, corporate houses, organisations and institutions to please donate generously to this worthy cause, which will benefit majority of families in the community.

We are willing to list the names of donors on a marble plaque, who will donate above Rs 1,00,000/-. Also for donation of above Rs 10,00,000/- a separate granite plaque will be put up.

Kindly send your cheque in favour of “World Zoroastrian Organisation, India”. ) For further details please contact: —

Rusi Bhumgara (President) 9819186687

Nozer Meherji (Vice President) 9820070364

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