Pahlavi Nirang for the Home Front Door

by : Ervad Soli P. Dastur

Traditionally, in all Parsi homes especially in Gujarat villages, on the fifth day Asfandardmad and the twelfth month Asfandardmad, the local Mobed would pray a special Nirang (Prayer) and then write a special Nirang in Pahlavi script, and then finish the prayer and give the paper with the hand written Nirang to each family to stick it at their front door of their home. I have seen this done year after year in my little village Tarapore and my father, Mobed Pirojshah Kawasji Dastoor, the Tarapore Panthaky, will write the Nirang for any family who wanted it for their front door.

I always wanted to know how to read that Pahlavi writing of the Nirang and what is the meaning of the Nirang prayer……

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Courtesy : K F Keravala

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  • Cyrus S. Saiwalla

    Excellent article on the subject of Pahlavi Nirang. Your hard work effort has brought the fruitful result among the Zoroastrian readers. I feel that Pahlavi script is very hard to learn, albeit, I have learnt the Avesta and I read it for my daily prayers.
    Besides, Every year, I write this Pahlavi Nirang on Spendarmad Roj and Mah and paste it on my front doors.

    Thank for the enlightenment on the subject. ‘Zarathosti Din na Kaam karta rehejo’.


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