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The Labour Of Love, is a social entrepreneurship project that we have started over a year ago, in the slums of Mumbai.

The objective of this project is to create a self-help group of women from the weaker sections of society, and empower them to earn a respectable & sustainable living, by working from their home. This helps the women to use their time productively, and contribute to their family’s income, which enables them put nutritious food on the table & also provide a better quality education for their children.

Now we have trained over120 women, in the fine-art of creating hand-embroidered tapestries, with intricate patterns, using a wide palette of lively colors & a high thread count that makes the designs come to life.We provide this group of women, the requisite training, designs and all the raw materials for making the tapestries and also the marketing support to sell their produce.

Every inch of the tapestry, consists of 100 hand embroidered cross-stitches! The sizes can vary from A4 size to 3ft x 3ft., with a stitch count of over130,000+ stitches. The A4 sized framed tapestries are priced fairly at Rs.3,000/- onwards, on a not-for-profit, sustainable basis.
You may want to check with your mother, sister, wife or daughter, how intensely demanding & strenuous this kind of work can be and is.

These hand embroidered tapestries are then dry-cleaned and aesthetically framed. When viewed from a distance of 6 to 10 feet, its hard to tell, if its a photograph or a tapestry.

We are sure that you will admire the hard work and efforts of these women in creating these master pieces, to make a decent living and hope that The Labour of Love tapestries find a place of pride in your heart and home.

If you so desire, you can get a custom-made tapestry, with the subject & size of your choice. Mostly people like to get tapestries of their parents, children, family, heroes & icons and of works of art. Just send us a picture of your loved & revered ones, and see what magic these women weave for you.  It is very simple to order a customized tapestry. Just follow the steps mentioned:

1) email the image that you want to make a tapestry to

2) Let us know the approximate size you want
3) We agree on the the cost & time framework.
4) You make payment
5) Tapestry gets made & sent to you by courier. Shipping costs extra.

Voila !

Attached are pictures of some of the tapestries that have been created & framed. It would be nice if you buy a tapestry and help in this making this endeavor sustainable. And, yes, it would also be wonderful to have you tell your friends & colleagues about The Labour of Love.

Thank you.

Manish Shukla & Nerissa Framroze-Ellaboudi


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