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This mail is to inform you about the new content added on the website

The TMY (Tell Me Why) column from Jame Jamshed is updated till August end.

Some more entries have been added in ZOROPEDIA. In fact some well-wishers did not like the title ZOROPEDIA, so please suggest a short and apt title to this collection keeing in mind that it will cover matters pertaining to the Zoroastrian religion, Iranian history and Iranian languages

In the  Courses section in the General category more sessions are added to Rituals and Yashts.

Also if you have missed the article on Farvardiyan which appeared in Parsi times on 1st September, you can read it in Archives > My articles

Wishing health and happiness, peace and prosperity, contentment and fulfillment to you and yours.


Ramiyar Karanjia


  • Zoropedia – is a short and apt title. Like it, love it and easy to relate to subjects covered.

  • A very fitting name indeed.

  • Dear mr karanjia,
    Can you please send me the farvardin yasht in English without any translations so that I may say it everyday in addition to the Ava ardivisur banu prayer I am saying now? Also please e-mail me your personal e-mail adress so that I may explain my situation without the entire world knowing my business please.
    Jarbanoo dastur

  • I read yr articals in jame jamshed n it is very helpful to explain my grandson about our religion

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