• Zoroastrianism was founded approx 3500 years ago, and not 2000 years ago as mentioned in the video. Thanks and great job done! and the background music? that’s not “Parsi” music by any stretch of imagination :)))))))))) but great work!

  • There is quite a bit of conflict on the age of Zoroastrianism. Many historians have placed it on an average at 5000 BC years old. A few have gone to 6,800 BC to 10,000 BC. Based on when the world began again after a life cycle of 8100 years. We are close 14000+ years. And, they say Zarathustra was born 4000 to 5000 years after the world began. Making his birth closer to 7000 to 8000 BC.

  • However, the ancient Persians or Parses have been living an organized life and celebrating festivals like Navruz for more than 15000 years. (Which the historians claim).

  • Mahafrin Variava

    Hi everyone. Thanks for your feedback. As someone who has made this video – I’d like to say that all the feedback that has been trending is around minor details and not the whole video. It is 4 minutes long and the aim was in 4 minutes to capture what I could. I hope in the long run small details such as years are not constantly picked on. As we can see from above, even as a community we dont agree. But thats besides the point.

    The music in the background is Iranian folk music 🙂 which i hope many of us appreciate over time.


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