‘NIRANG’ Water of Life

By (late) Sohrabji H. Kutar, U. K. (1969)
Nirang is obtained from the consecrated varasyaa and from other bulls maintained on a hygienic diet. The vessels which receive the bulls’ urine are not only thoroughly scoured, but are themselves purified and consecrated; and the liquid is then sanctified for holy purposes, through the long, intricate, complex and exalted ritual ceremony and prayer service of the Nirangdin. Thereafter imbued by these prayers and blessings, it becomes an agent of purification. These are the tenets of traditional Zoroastrian observance and belief; but in this scientific age it seemed desirable to reinforce them with scientific proof.


Courtesy : Hushang Vakil



  • I am myself a Zarathushti priest – navar & martab – I’ve always kept Nirang in high regard and had blindly believed in its purity, although I must confess,at times, have also wondered about the possibility of bacteria and such in it, but still never hesitsted to use the same when required during our ceremonial proceedings. This scientific initiative by late Dasturji Kutar is truly amazing and certainly reinforces the power of our prayers. Many thanks for bringing forward this useful reading.

    Ervad Jal Dastur

    • Perhaps we ought to have these tests carried out again in USA and India and ask universities to do more research, especially currently we in the west are hesitant to accept the power of Mantra, can anyone arrange this

  • Mehernosh Billimoria

    We Zaorastrians should have full faith in our religious practices.
    We pretend to be modern and are trying to except modern ways to view and argue about religious practise.
    Our fore fathers have taught us many useful things and we must follow them.
    Mehernosh Billimoria

    • MB, Sorry, being a Parsi to me (and I am very proud) is to be able to improvise, challenge and make it better. We are a true democracy in ideas and thoughts. If you will study our history and religion, which I have very brief knowledge, you will notice that our people are philosophical, can adapt to changes, and are likable. Blindly following is not Zaorastrian. Intelligent, humanly following is Zaorastrian.

  • I feel that Nirang gives the Parsi religion a cult type of approach. From the moment they open the bottle, its tincture type of crude smell can rise about 1 feet straight into you nostrils (or so it happened to me) and mess up the brain.
    When I drank it I did not feel pure because of the smell. In fact, I felt sick and wondered about its powers for weeks. Unfortunately, the video man was there and took an unpleasant video of me about to faint or choke or something. However, it may have some values since it is an ancient belief and I respect that.

    I think we must try to put prayers and mantras into orange juice or lemon juice or even vinegar would be better, and see if they work equally or better, or even a vitamin drink. At least, a vitamin drink will be helpful during the hectic Navjyot and marriage ceremony days. Unfortunately, the very though of Nirang makes my head spin even today. I cannot forget the sudden jolt of disgust at its smell and taste. The good thing about our religion is that there is no compulsion and so many can opt out of it in western countries.



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