Zarathushti Culture reflected in Cuisine !

Diverse Cusines:
Eat, Live, Pray – A celebration of Zarathushti Culture and Cuisine
Edited by Farishta Murzban Dinshaw,Toronto, Canada

Besides prayer, food is the greatest bond that binds and brings Zarathushtis together. Whether we live to eat or eat to live, food and all that goes with it, from the preparation to consumption, is an integral part of our culture and way of life as Zarathushtis. From lavish celebratory feasts to solemn liturgical rituals, food and the enjoyment of Ahura Mazda’s bounty surely defines the Zarathushti ethos more than anything else. Zarathushti philosophy and theology may be cogitated in ivory towers, but it is in the family kitchen that a big part of our culture and traditions have been kept alive.
To the Zarathushtis of the Diaspora, memories of home are often linked to food and returns to the motherland almost always involve gastronomic indulgences that are long remembered despite or because of the sometimes violent protestations of the digestive tract. We live in times when coronary conditions, diabetes and other insidious lifestyle diseases threaten to stand between the Zarathushti and the enjoyment of their culinary birthright. Or so we are given to understand. Our forebears however were celebrated for their longevity and vigor. What was their secret? Come, let us sniff and savor our way through the delights of our Zarathushti culinary heritage and discover how and why we nourish our minds, bodies and souls.

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