Thesis on Zoroastrians’ use of the internet

This link: Zoroastrians on the Internet, a quiet social movement, the ethnography of a virtual community   by  Helen Gerth, for her Phd. thesis at the University of Nevada, is a very detailed, fact finding presentation of her research – an ebook in the link above, of how Zoroastrians (and non-Zoroastrians) are using the internet for expressing their concerns and views on Zoroastrianism and related topics.

Courtesy : Geve Narielwalla

It is interesting to note what she has to say about :

“This site is unique in its goal to be the largest ‘aggregation of Zarathushti/Zoroastrian-Parsi/Irani websites’ available online and so is the only site seeking to be a comprehensive resource center.

It is neutral in tone. It has a very transparent and easy to navigate list of categories and services which is enlightening.

There is a wealth of news and comments on current events ……..”

The thesis makes interesting reading. To read the full Thesis – Click Here

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