WZO and the various organizations under that name

Enclosed is the brief write-up given by Mr. Dinshaw Tamboly regarding WZO and various other organizations functioning under that name :


WZO & various Chapters.

World Zoroastrian Organisation (WZO) a membership based organization, was registered as a charity in UK in 1980 as per their laws and is managed by an International Board or Managing Committee comprising Zoroastrians residing in many countries. The committee members are elected from amongst the membership and hold office for a period of three years after which they are eligible for re-election.

I was elected to the WZO London Managing Committee in 1983 and was subsequently re-elected a number of times, till I decided not to seek re-election in 2004. Till such time I was a member of the Managing Committee of WZO London, I was automatically an ex-officio member on the committee of WZO (India).

After the establishment of WZO in London in 1980, various chapters were established in different countries at different times. These details will be available with WZO London.

In India, the India chapter was initially called India Committee of World Zoroastrian Organisation. After a few years, the name was changed to World Zoroastrian Organisation (India). To the best of my recollection WZO (India) is registered at Mumbai under Societies Registration Act (1860) as well as Bombay Public Trust Act 1950.

WZO London & WZO (India) parted ways in 2010 over ideological differences arising amongst office bearers of the two organizations.

WZO London is located at London and WZO (India) at Mumbai. I am afraid I do not have with me details of the current office bearers of either London or India. I suggest you may get in touch with Mr. Darayus Motivala who is the Chairman of WZO London; his e-mail contact is chairman@w-z-o.org. For details about WZO (India) I suggest contacting Mr. Rusi Bhumgara who is the President; his e-mail id is rusibhumgara@gmail.com.



There are three Trusts registered in India under Bombay Public Trust Act 1950 having the WZO name in their nomenclatures.

They are:

  1. The World Zoroastrian Organisation Trust, registered at Navsari in 1991.
  2. WZO Trust for Women & Children, registered at Mumbai in 1993.
  3. WZO Trust Funds, registered at Mumbai in 1995.

After the publication of the ‘Bhaya Report’ in 1987 WZO London embarked on a project to rehabilitate the poor Zoroastrian farmers of South Gujarat through a committee references of which are made in the first 10 years history booklet (sent as an attachment).

To facilitate and expedite the process of rehabilitation of the poor Zoroastrian farmers, Mr. Shahpur Captain of WZO London recommended the establishment of World Zoroastrian Organisation Trust in India.

Thus came into existence in 1991, The World Zoroastrian Organisation Trust. The settlor of the Trust was late Dasturji Meherji K. D. Meherjirana.

The first Trustees were:

  1. Late Dr. Sam S. Bhacca,
  2. Late Davar Kavasji T. Modi,
  3. Late Firoj M. Panthaky,
  4. Mr. Dinshaw K. Tamboly,
  5. Mr. Dara K. Deboo
  6. Mr. Pervez K. Italia.


The present Trustees (December 2012) are:

  1. Mr. Dinshaw K. Tamboly,
  2. Mrs. Bachi D. Tamboly,
  3. Mr. Farrokh M. Kasad,
  4. Mrs. Farzana D. Mojgani,
  5. Mr. Dara K. Deboo,
  6. Mr. Pervaz K. Italia.


As the welfare activities began to grow a need was felt to expand the objects of the Trust. It was decided to form new Trusts as that would entail less time and could be formed much earlier than it would take to enhance the objects of the earlier formed Trust.

Consequently WZO Trust for Women & Children (settlor: Mrs. Bachi D. Tamboly) was formed in 1993 and WZO Trust Funds (settlor: Mr. Dinshaw K. Tamboly) in 1995.

Trustees of the above two Trusts are:

  1. Mr. Dinshaw K. Tamboly,
  2. Mrs. Bachi D. Tamboly,
  3. Mr. Farrokh M. Kasad,
  4. Mrs. Farzana D. Mojgani,

The three Trusts have been registered under Bombay Public Trust Act, 1950 and are governed by an independent Board of Trustees, none of whom are on the committees of either WZO London or WZO (India). Between the three Trusts the welfare objects are very comprehensive and cater to diverse human needs.

Whilst WZO London and WZO (India) are basically membership based organizations where committee members have to go through the due process of elections, Trustees of the three Trusts hold office on an ongoing basis.

I trust the details provided will help in addressing the queries that your readers have been enquiring about.

With warm regards and best wishes for a happy and productive 2013.

Very Sincerely,

Dinshaw K Tamboly


WZO – London – History (first 10 years)

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