Appeal_Kathi for lesser known Agiyaris

Hi all, received this from a friend
Do pass this on as some good may come out of this.
To All Fellow Bawas.

Most of us go to the known fire temples that have graced our localities as far back as we can remember, but there are some fire
temples numbering about five or so that are not known to most of us. They were built when the Parsees were a thriving community and are now located in areas where our community does not even exist or exist in miniscule numbers.

As a result, they are facing a financial crunch due to lack of patronage. They need money for kathi to keep the fire alive. A minimum
of one tonne of kathi is required per month per fire temple. Each tonne costs Rs 14,000/-

My neighbour Khorshed Meherjee who has been taking up good causes has been collecting individual donations for this purpose ever since this scarcity was brought to her notice. She then buys a tonne of kathi & distributes the same where required. Please contact her directly on +919820495907. She meticulously maintains all records & will be delighted to show you the receipts of the kathi purchased from your money as well as the receipt from the fire temple that receives it.

Any amount is welcome.

Courtesy : Rustom

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