The making of the first documentary on the Dadar Parsi Colony

Ronny Uncle has made it to the star credits of a 15-minute documentary, the first to trace the 92-year-old story of Dadar Parsi Colony, directed by Anand Kulkarni. The young filmmaker along with his production partner, Tejas Shah, plans to release it on March 21 which the community celebrates as Navroze or new year.
When the 250-building colony was conceived, it had no fence, just a simple rule — no building could stand higher than two storeys. 
It’s this very oasis that the residents are battling to save. The residents’ association has opposed the BMC’s plan to build a concrete-granite gazebo inside a children’s park, which they believe will reduce the Grade II B heritage garden’s size and mar the greenery.
Click Here for the full story, with interesting snippets !


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