Khushaline Bandagina Geeto

1. Parsi Times of Saturday 17/3/2013 on p.54 carries a picture of Dasturji Khurshed Dastoor releasing the CD Khushaline Bandagina Geeto.
2. Jame Jamshed of Sunday 18/3/2013 p.54 top right corner features this CD under the caption MUSICAL DELIGHT.
Get your copy of this CD and welcome Jamshedi Navroz with music to usher joy and peace in your family, community and country.
Available from Marzban J. Giara Tel. 24166204. Price:Rs.150/- 
You may also buy at my stall at dadar Parsi colony Gymkhana at Festival of Spring on 21st March and at Avan Yazad Parabh function at Radio Club on Monday 25th  March evening.
Marzban Giara

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