Zoroastrian Death Ceremonies

North American Zoroastrian Religious Tele – Class  – Sunday April 21st 2013 11 AM EDST

Zoroastrian Death Ceremonies in Indian Sub-Continent and North America!

Ervad Soli P. Dastur

            A Zoroastrian Religion Class was held by Telephone on April 21st 2013 by Jo Ann Dastur & Ervad Soli P. Dastur from their home, Hira Villa, in Sarasota, Florida.

There were about 34 callers with multiple people listening together in some homes by calling a Tele-meeting phone number. The people were from both Canada and USA, from NY to Chicago and Los Angeles, Montreal to Miami. The class material was a PowerPoint Presentation sent ahead of time to all participants in PDF format. 

After I sent out all the materials for this Tele Class, my very good friend and Past Chief Editor of FEZANA Journal, Roshan Rivetna, was very appreciative of the Tele Class materials and informed me that when she was the Chief Editor, they published the FEZANA 2005 Winter issue on the specific subject: Death and Beyond – Doctrine and Practice – on pages 31 thru 118 with a wonderful series of articles on all subjects of Zoroastrian Death Ceremonies. Click Here to view this issue online. Thank you Roshan and your wonderful associates for a wonderful issue on Zoroastrian Death Ceremonies.



In this class, many of you have requested detailed information about the Zoroastrian Death ceremonies, especially as it relates to us in NA.
To follow up on this request, we have created this Tele Class giving details about:
1. Zoroastrian (Z) Death Ceremonies – Scripture References
2. Z Death Ceremonies performed in Indian Sub-Continent
3. Z Death Ceremonies performed in North America (NA)
We have collected pertinent information from many resources and are grateful to their authors.
We have also given a detailed list for NA of “What to do” in case of a death in the family.
Soli started the class off by thanking all the participants especially Kersi Munshi, ZAF President Furrokh & Khushnam, etc. who took time of their busy schedule to attend and support our Tele Classes.

Finally, as it is becoming our custom, the permanent question: “We do not understand what we are praying in our daily prayers” was answered by suggesting some alternatives. The final prayer in English, from Dr. Dhalla’s book: Homage Unto Ahura Mazda:Prayer for the Dead,was recited by all together ending with our signature Zoroastrian greeting of: “Hamaa Zor, Hamaa Asho Bade” (May we be united in righteousness) performed by all attending the Class, a cyber Hamaa Zor all over North America!

 Snapshot 1 (04-21-13 4-58 PM)[3]

Agenda Slide with Discussed Topics     


Soli and Jo Ann performing Hama Zor in the  the Tele Class          

Snapshot 1 (04-21-13 5-04 PM)[7]

     India vs. North America Realities


The PowerPoint Presentation slides and four associated material documents are attached to this message. In most homes, families gathered in front of their computers following slides of this presentation as I spoke about them from my home.

We also request all of you to suggest what topics we should cover in the next Tele Classes.

The Videos for this class are enclosed here

May the Flame of Fellowship, Love, Charity and Tolerance burn ever eternal in our hearts so we can do HIS work with humility, diligence and eternal enthusiasm!

Atha Jamyaat, Yatha Aafrinaamahi! (May it be so as we wish?)

Love and Tandoorasti, Soli P. Dastur

ZAF Guidance Death in Family V7-16-12PDF

ZAF Guidance Death in Family Introduction

20130421 NA Tele Class 13 Prayer Dhalla Homage Unto Ahura Mazda Prayer for the Dead

20130421 NA Tele Class Zoroastrian Death Ceremonies

Dhalla Homage Unto Ahura Mazda background

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