Message from Myanmar (Burma)

The contents of this mail cannot be verified, but I wonder if someone may like to take it up on behalf of the community after proper enquiry ?
Dear Sir,
I shall be highly grateful to you if you can please be kindly forward our Parsee Fire Temple message to all of our Parsee Community through all over the whole world with your kind help. Thank you.
I have pleasure to inform you that I was elected as  VICE PRESIDENT by our Myanmar Parsee in Yangon, Myanmar. I am act all the Parsee general work on behalf of the Myanmar Parsee community.
I have to inform you our Parsee WAQFF land which is located in the central of the heart of the city in Yangon, Myanmar.(BURMA) We Myanmar Parsee community has been victim by our own Parsee gentleman who has misappropriate our Parsee Waqff land. He is wicked and cunning he sell our Parsee own
religious waqff land to one CHINESE MERCHANT at the rate of US$4000000/- lakhs.
Another one main problem in our Yangon, Myanmar (BURMA) OUR PARSEE FIRE TEMPLE & BURIAL GROUND was forced taken by the YANGON,
MUNICIPAL. On our Burial Ground they build a small grocery market their they selling ONION, GARLIC, CHILLIES, GINGER etc. THEY HAVE NO RIGHT TO
Once again I request you if you can please give our Parsee community some good suggestion, that how to get back our own PARSEE RELIGIOUS LAND from them. If you can please sent a letter to the MINISTRY OF FOREIGN AFFAIRS and also sent one letter to the MINISTRY OF RELIGIOUS

ismailshan parsee <>