British Designer to design an aviary for the Doongerwadi

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Shiny Varghese : New Delhi, Sun May 12 2013, 02:08 hrs


British designer Thomas Heatherwick on his new project in India and why design is not about toeing the brief.


………..  His new project is in India — Heatherwick has been invited to design an aviary for the Doongerwadi Tower of Silence in Malabar Hills, Mumbai. In keeping with the Parsi tradition of leaving the dead to be devoured by vultures, the 350-year-old site needs to nurture the vanishing vulture population. Since towering residential complexes have mushroomed in the area, Heatherwick has to ensure that the aviary and the stone towers or dakhmas, where the bodies are disposed, enjoy seclusion and privacy, creating a balance between tradition and modernity. …………


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Courtesy : K F Keravla

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  • stop this rubbish immediately

    install an aram garh or electrical incinerator instead

    Aviary is a total waste of money & hopeless nonsense stop wasting time & money

    concentrate on better conditions for the living

    for the Old the infirm the mentally differently abled, physiclaly diffrently abled

    concentrate on strong social service force look after aged parent being robbed by their servants of sons and daughters

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