Motlibai Wadia Adaran

The Holy Atash of the Motlibai Wadia Adaran was consecrated in Fort Bombay on 10th June, 1863.
However, on 4th May, 2013 the 150th Anniversary as per Parsi Roj Behram,Mah Adar, was celebrated with great eclat at Malcolm Baug, Jogeshwari, Mumbai.

A comemorative E Volume was compiled by me with another gentleman, Mr. F. M. Gotla and I have pleasure in forwarding the same to you as an attachment for what it is worth to display on your website on Zoroastrians.

On the day of the celebration, a foundation “Bhoomi Pujan” was also held for the construction of a prayer Hall for which the Trustees of N M Wadia Charities have ceded additional land adjoining the Adaran to the Malcolm Baug Zoroastrian Association which has been managing the Adaran since 1966.

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