• Annahita Jasavala

    What fun songs by Mr Marazban Mehta. I am looking for the words to the old natak song – “Hoon Prakh-yaad Chicago no F.R.C.S.” My Late Mamaiji used to sing it, and was such a funny song.
    Thank you,
    Annahita Jasavala

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  • Shri,Marzban Mehta you have sung songs songs without missing a bit
    hats off to you


    Super duper we all miss you MARZU UNCLE

  • Hello,

    Beautiful fun songs by Mr. Mehta. I am a Parsi grandmother with 4 grand babies. I am wondering if you have compiled some old Parsi folklore that I can sing to my grandkids. Example is when you celebrate a Parsi Bday, you sing the celebration song:
    Chaalo sohwasano mali lalkaro…
    Aaje mari …… no shubh saalgreh no din .. a re.., Chaalo …..
    As a young child I remember that my mom and familiy members always sang this little song on my bday when they did the bday “Sagan” for me or my siblings.
    Please, could someone help me with my request? I am just looking for little Parsi toddler songs to entertain my grand babies with.
    I will be very, very thankful if anyone could respond to my request.



    • My family always sang this song on birthdays.
      Muraad o tum Tania re chai navaa as Salma faljo. Send me an email and I can send you a audio file.

  • There is urgent requirements for Parsi folklorist For a great seminar please. May i get contact number of that person.

  • I would love to have words of a song called “Baar varas ni kanya teno ari varas no mati lal kem kidhelo”. My bapaijee and other elders in the family used to sing it… I cannot remember all the words – just some bits.

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