The Parsi baugs of Mumbai

Kaizad Bhamgara takes a closer look at some of the popular Zoroastrian settlements in the city and discovers that they are a lot more than just places to live for this closely-knit community.

With names like Rustam, Malcolm, Godrej and Wadia, it’s easy to mistake a Parsi baug for an individual. You wouldn’t be far from the truth though, as over the years these housing colonies have developed a personality of their own. Safe havens, secluded and peaceful, they remain beyond the vision of most Mumbaikars.

They were created with the purpose of providing affordable accommodation to its community members and also nurture the Zoroastrian culture and traditions. Most of them are located in Mumbai’s prime real estate zones but rent remains extremely affordable averaging between Rs 40 to Rs 500! The widow’s chawl at Navroze baug is priced at approximately Re 1 a month, while flats in south Mumbai baugs go up to Rs 3,000 a month.

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