What to do and pray during the Muktad

What to do and pray during the Muktad – part 1
Posted by: Ervad Marzban J. Hathiram
Roj Ram Mah Spendarmad, 1382 Yz.
The holy days of the Muktad will soon be upon us. What are the specific prayers to say during these days? How should a Parsi conduct himself during this extremely auspicious period? What guidelines should we bear in mind, both in our day to day conduct in the house as well as at the Agiary? Are there any special points revealed by Ustad Saheb and Khshnoom regarding the Muktad?
The word Muktad is a derivation of the Sanskrit ‘mukta atma’ – or free soul. The correct Zoroastrian term for these days is ‘Farvardegan’ or ‘Parvardegan’ – the days of nourishment. As we have been reading in the series on ‘The Wondrous Circle of Life’, a Zoroastrian Ruvan, after the physical death of a person, goes to the area of the ultra-physical universe called Chinvat. Within this vast area, the Ruvan moves through different ‘daz’ or spiritual universities where specific training is given to the soul and it passes through various stages of progress, undoing the effects of the bad thoughts, words and deeds committed by the person in his physical life.
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