Azar Kaivan And The Zoroastrian Ishraqis

Ruins of Istakhr, ancient Zoroastrian city


1.     Introduction

2.     Azar  Kaivan

3.     The  Kaivan School

4.     Mir Findiriski  and  Baha al-Din Amili

5.     The  Desatir

6.     Dabistan-i  Mazahib  and  the  Sipasiyan

7.     Jivanji  J.  Modi  and  Dastur  Dhalla

8.     Other  Philosophers  and  Mystics


1.   Introduction

The standard interpretation of Suhrawardi’s influence has generally been heavily disposed to an emphasis upon the Safavid era events associated with the “School of Isfahan.” One of the reasons given is that “the illuminationist school of Suhrawardi provided the basis upon which an esoteric interpretation of Shi’ite Islam could be formulated.” (1) Yet outside Iran, the spread of Suhrawardi’s ideas is known to have affected India through diverse channels. The Zoroastrian extension of this phenomenon is rarely awarded profile. (2) 

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Courtesy : K F Keravala


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