9/11 Unity Walk

 9/11 Unity Walk Sunday, 8 September 2013,  on Embassy Row in Washington D.C.
 Embassies have now joined the Walk !!
 You can come for free Indian food, be motivated by speeches, visit houses of worship, meet people of all faiths, take part in yoga, tai chi, dancing, charity at the Vatican Embassy.
 Live stream at: www.911unitywalk.org
WHEN         SUNDAY, September 8th, 2013 at 1 PM
WHERE        Starts at Washington Hebrew Congregation
3935 Macomb St. NW at Massachusetts, 20016, Washington DC
CONTACT    Kyle Poole – 202-262-2181 kyle@911unitywalk.org
  • Unity Walk is dedicated to Nelson Mandela
  • Christians, Mormons, Jews, Buddhists speak over Mosque Loudspeakers
  • Arun Gandhi Leads Walk from Islamic Center to Grandfather’s Memorial
  • Ambassadors from: 1) South Africa, Ebrahim Rasool; 2) India, Nirupama Rao speak,
  • Dr Rosa Djalal, Muslim Women’s Assn. Rabbi Bruce Lustig – Wash Hebrew Congregation.
  • 9th Year, Lasting friendships made, and now youth/adults volunteer for service projects.
Complimentary Indian food will be served at the Sikh Gurdwara; dances from around the world, tai chi, meditation, chants, dialogue, music at the Islamic Center and Gandhi Memorial, all add to the authentic learning experience that the Unity Walk provides.
 Service projects include: making trail mix for the homeless inside the Vatican, gleaning of 40,000 pounds of potatoes for food banks at Saint Sophia Greek  Cathedral, and a shoe drive at Washington Hebrew Synagogue.
“Who could imagine that the Unity Walk would start with a Muslim call to prayer in Washington, DC’s largest synagogue, or that Evangelical Christians, Mormons and Jews would speak over Mosque loudspeakers and that people of all faiths would sing Amazing Grace from the Islamic Center, or take a spiritual walk with Gandhi’s grandson.” – Kyle Poole (Founder)
“I encourage these Unity Walks, not only in Washington, DC, but around the US, and the World. Your actions speak volumes and I pray for your every success!” – Archbishop Desmond Tutu
For more information and a live video stream of the event,  visit us at www.911unitywalk.org.
For updates, follow us on twitter @911UnityWalk, and join the event on Facebook.

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  • It is a very good idea for the unity of our mother Bharat . But I would be more happy if many of my community people just bury all the jealousy from their hearts & come on one playroom to rescue our oldest Zoarastrian community. I do hope that in future such walks be organise for unity of our community. Unless many of our community bury the main thing & that is nothing but jealousy from their hearts. The day they shed jealously from their hearts towards other Parsees that day our community would surely be on the way of becoming the only community who do not know the meaning of jealousy. I hope to see that day before I close my eyes forever.

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