Jiji Irani Challenge Cup – Advertisement for a Souvenir

My Dear Friends ,

I am enclosing you an Appeal letter for Advertisement for a  Souvenir on the Occasion of the 27th Jiji Irani Challenge Cup ,to be held this year at Nagpur, from the 1-5th Nov,2013 .

May i request you to kindly send us an advertisement  as per the enclosed form & oblige .(back & inside& outside covers are already Booked)

Many of you who might have been connected to this  Cricket Tournament by way of organising/playing/being a part of it or just be present  as guests ,or who may have had their sons/brothers/fathers/etc being connected & who may have just about some NAGPUR connection ,maybe  by having their wife’s/husband’s/in law’s/ parents , girlfriends/boyfriends, or just mama/masi/fua/fui,  who may have lived in Nagpur or studied or even had some friends from Nagpur, may also want to contribute in any way whatsoever we will be highly obliged to receive your contributions may be for someone  may want to sponsor a full event , the Amts are as under

Sponsoring Breakfast      per day           Rs.10,000/-

Sponsoring lunch/dinner per meal         Rs 25,000/-

Sponsoring  cold & Hot Drinks  (for 5 days )   Rs 50,000/- excluding Licence .

We also welcome Ex –servicemen  who could  help us buy  Army   Drinks by way of their monthly Quota  at the subsidised rate etc, we would welcome every such contribution how so ever small or /big we shall be highly obliged to have to  receive any such effort

Look forward to  this event as it  has & again may  cummulate into matrimonial meets between two cities where a” Parsi youth meets his or her future life partner”

Warmly wishing You all Good health & happiness , should you wish to be called or Reminder ,the undersigned will be readily available to do so.


Click here for the Appeal Letter


Best wishes ,


Organising secretary

27th Jiji Irani Challenge Cup 2013.


 Address:Shiraz K.Doongaji

511,new colony

Doongaji Villa,



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