SodaBottleOpenerwala, Gurgaon

Even though SodaBottleOpenerwala is only a couple of weeks old, it seems that most foodies are clued into the existence of this new “Parsi/Irani/Mumbai street food” joint in Gurgaon, adjacent to the Capital. The set-up and decor transport you to the Irani restaurants of Mumbai—the black and white faded tiles on the floor, plastic-covered floral-print sofas, the payment counter with old-fashioned biscuit glass jars, a carom table, even a billiards table.

Parsi perennials like dhanshak were missing from the menu and it was a real pity that on the day of our visit, Parsi Bheeda Par Eeda or Tomatar Papeta Par Eeda were not being served. All the prices on the menu, which is still evolving, are introductory. Some dishes have been inspired by iconic Mumbai eateries like Britania & Co. (the Berry Pulaos), Haji Ali Juice Centre and Amar Juice Centre (the sandwiches) and Bademiya (the Kheema Baida Roti).
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  • Dear Yezdi,

    The owner is a Sardar, one our friends daughter is employed there. She is the connection to the

    Parsi food. My sis from Gurgoan had told me the food is still Punjabi in flavor, but they are trying

    With the help of the local Parsis to come up with real Parsi flavours. I am there mid Jan on wards

    Will visit them and send you another report. Shall be in Mumbai the first 12 days of February will contact you too.


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