Christmas at the Kua

Fellow Zoroastrians,

Every month on Ava Roj since 2009 a Humbandagi has been organised at the Bhikha Behram Well. A humbandagi is a short prayer which brings people of the community together and we invoke the blessings of Ava Yazad.

On Wednesday, 25th December 2013 we will be celebrating 50 continuous months of the Humbandagi on Ava Roj – Our Golden Jubilee.

As 25th December is also Christmas, we will celebrate Christmas at the Kua. We will be putting up a Christmas tree and getting all the children to decorate it.

A jashan will be performed by young priests at 10:30am followed by the Humbandagi which will be lead by Vada Dasturi Khurshed Dastoor at 11:30am. The Vada Dasturji will then speak to all at the Well and make everyone aware how each one of us can make a difference.

This time we have associated with Jam-e-Jamshed (the No. 1 Parsi Publication) and want to bring out the concept of Giving.

We would want the members of the community to bring gifts which can be given to the numerous under-privileged people of the community in orphanages and old age homes.

The gifts do not have to be ” the cool kids electric cars here“, but just something that will bring a smile on someone’s face during this festive season. We want all the children attending to maybe bring a toy from the many that they may have and give it to a child who hasn’t played with a new toy in a really long time.

“Parsi thy name is Charity” needs to be given an awakening.

This is a small effort which we would like to push from our side and bring smiles on faces of our fellow Zoroastrians.

We need your help and support. Come in large numbers and bring your children with you. Help us to gather toys and various other gifts and essentials which can be given to the poor and homeless of the community – be it the people who clean our fire temples and tower of silence to widows and senior citizens who do not have family support.

Each one of us can make a difference. All we need to do is realise it.

So join us for the Humbandagi on Ava Roj on Wednesday 25th December 2013 at the Bhikha Behram Well. Jashan at 10:30 am followed by the Humbandagi at 11:30am.

The community that prays together stays together.

Do help us in spreading awareness of this cause and forward this e-mail to all on your mailing list.

If you really can’t get any ideas for what to donate, take a quick look at, you’ll get inspired, no doubt.

Here’s wishing you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year…

Hoshaang Gotla



  • Rustom P. S. Cooper

    Congrats on ur social service.
    God Bless U All.

  • First of all congrats on the occasion of completing 50 months of holding monthly Ava Roj Humbandagi at the Bhikha Behram well. Very interesting to note that the chileren will also be celebrating the Christmas event with the tree and the goodies. Well done all those social workers involved.
    Secondly, I would apreciate getting some information regarding the Bhikha Behram Kuwa – when was it built, in whose memory, etc. etc. If anybody can pass on this information to me shall be much obliged.
    The well is a blessing to all the needy people who take water from the well regularly (I have observed this for ages)and bless the community, of course.

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