Interfaith meetings at Astana & Rome

Dr. Homi Dhalla was invited to Astana (Kazakhstan) to attend the Congress of Leaders of the World and Traditional Religions in early October 2013. About 30 religious leaders and scholars belonging to various faiths were in attendance. This meeting was chaired by Mr. Kairat Mami, Chairman of the Senate of the Parliament. Dr. Dhalla delivered a talk on the various activities which could be launched by this interfaith organization to make it more meaningful.

The next international conference was held in Rome entitled “The Courage to Hope: Religions and Cultures in Dialogue”. In all, there were 31 panels each of which held discussions on various aspects pertaining to the theme of the conference. Dr. Dhalla was asked to participate in the session focusing on “The Spirit of Assisi”. The theme of his talk was “Global Events Reflecting the Spirit of Assisi”. At the end of this session, a lively discussion took place.

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