The Parsi Eathos

The Parsi Eathos

What moves a Parsi in his life
His bike, his food and then his wife
If the story of his food be told
It would be several eons old

Starts the day with a big cup of tea
Looking around for more desperately
Brun pao with maska helps fill the void
If not available he is annoyed

Breakfast sometimes stops with bread and jam
But more often with eggs, cheese and ham
Eggs, boiled, scrambled, burjee or fried
Or even omelets leave him unsatisfied

Dhandhar dal with white rice and fried fish
Or palav, dal, mince kebabs as a side dish
Prawn patio makes for a welcome change
Or with pomfret, bombil in exchange

Patra ni machhi, makes his day
With chicken farcha coming his way
Add lagan nu custard to it all
And Bawaji has a culinary ball

With his food he must have his drink
And greet the ladies with a naughty wink
And bawdy jokes are said out loud
Whether he’s alone or in a crowd

It is said the Parsi Eathos is such
That no meal will ever be too much
No drink too large, no joke too rude
Never keep a Bawaji from his food.

Courtesy : Jimmy Patell


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