8 Reasons to Date a Parsi Guy

An Article from ‘India Opines’

Apr 14, 2014

OK first off, a lot of people don’t know who or what a Parsi is – well it’s a small tribe of eccentric and  instantly recognisable people to be found in Mumbai, Pune and parts of Gujarat.  About half the roads in Mumbai seem to be named after this bunch of people who follow the Zoroastrian faith and have almost universally over-large noses. So as a Parsi myself (you happen to be reading the words of a person belonging to an endangered species, I’ll have you know) and being married to another of the same tribe for over 12 years, I would urge females of all hues, ages and body types to find a Parsi guy to date. Here are just some reasons a Parsi Guy makes a great boy friend.

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  • I found this article very amusing! Sorry to say, but most of today’s generation of Parsi boys do not come up to the expectations of our Parsi girls, to begin with education, outlook, etc. This is the reason, we find so many Parsi girls marrying outside our community/religion.

  • Im absolutely open to dating a Parsi Guy! they are fun!! I cant wait to find someone whos looking for a non-parsi girl

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