Umbergam Maroli Port-Capt K.R. Mistry

Dear All,

This Article [Umbergam Maroli Port.Capt K.R. Mistry] certainly needs to be widely circulated —for all to read and understand the implications of what will happen to the ecology of the complete surrounding area because of this sinister proposal.

This needs to be also brought to the attention of the Minister of Environment at the Centre, as this proposal will have far reaching negative impact to even faraway places like Udwada too.

Please do forward to all friends and request to create an awareness in the matter of how some power brokers are fooling the Public in wanting to create a Port on a Continental Shelf —with the ulterior motive of land grabbing.

Correctly said, that this area can easily be promoted for Tourism taking into account the abundant natural beauty.

With warm regards, Zal



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  • Readers and Zal would be pleased to know that Mr. Dadi Mistry of Delhi who is a member of the National Minorities Commission has been requested to take up the matter at the Central Govt. level.

    Besides with 7 new ports being proposed for Gujrat,(Jodia,, Salaya, Positra, Simar, Mithivirdi, Vadodra and Hazira near Surat) and less than a 100 km south, Navi Mumbai being developed as the largest container terminal in India, Where is the need to disturb the ecology to build an extra harbour by deepen the sea? . Where is the supporting infrastructure.?..

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