Looking for Keki Manekshaw Gandhi

I am a resident of Novi, Michigan, USA and have been in the USA for 44 years. In the late 50’s when I was in Bombay studying for B.com, I was residing in Gamadia Colony hotel. At the same time, my very close friend, Keki Manekshaw Gandhi was studying in the Zaviers College pursuing Radio Engineering.

Keki was originally from Bharuch (Broach), Gujarat. He wanted to go to England for further studies, but had no financial support to do so. So, with my contacts, I managed to get some loan for him and off he went to England and finished his post graduate in Radio Engineering. On completion of the post graduate degree, he migrated to Canada and we were in constant touch with each other and exchanging correspondence, etc. I migrated to Malawi, Cetral Africa in 1962 and then to USA in 1969 with my wife and two children.

The moment Keki knew about my coming to USA, he called me and paid a couple of visits to my house. We visited him a couple of times also in Tornonto, Canada. After the second visit to our house, he disappeared completely. No phone call, no mail, etc. In his second visit, he mentioned that he was going to be employed by a petroleum company to work in one of the offshore rigs. That is the only thing I know. I will be grateful if you can trace the present address and phone no. of my very good old friend, Keki Manekshaw Gandhi. He must be in mid seventies. Thank you.”

Rusi Tavadia <rtavadia@mi.rr.com>


  • I placed a plea in http://zoroastrians.net/ yesterday, to locate my missing friend. Within 24 hours, I got a response from a Parsi gentleman in England, Mr. Minoo Cama who happened to be Keki’s neighbour in England and Bharuch. He said that Keki died of cancer some six years ago. I was very sorry to hear this sad news. I wish I had heard better news. But such is God’s justice.

    Rusi J. Tavadia
    Novi, Michigan, USA

  • Hi Yazdi, This Keki Gandhi has already passed away in Bharuch. Regards, Mani
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