Rupiya Pehervani Reet — before engagement


(it may or may not be done)


When it is decided that the children are going to get married to each other and families have approved of their to-be Daughter/Son -in-law …this ceremony is like an announcement to the family and friends.  This simple ceremony can be done on any day you wish. This ceremony can be done at any one place Girl or Boy’s home or in a hall.


The boy can go and get the girl home first , Sagan is done at Boy’s house  everyone has lunch together . In the evening  the couple goes to Girl’s house and the Girl’s mother can do the sagan in her house and have Dinner together.

Both the sides should buy a box of sweets for exchange.

New clothes for the Girl and Boy.

Put Red Glass Bangles on the Sopara.


  1. Follow Sagan-teeli ni reet.
  2. Make both the children stand on the patla
  3. Boy’s mother will do the sagan first to both the children, and slip 2 Bengals on girls right hand. Give envelope to both the children and a box of sweets. Mother –in- law may give some silver jewellery/gift.
  4. Sagan followed by Girl’s mother.

Let everyone meet the children and then they get off the patla with right foot first.

Sprinkle little rose water on the chowk.

Children may go to the Fire Temple if they desire.

This is the beginning of their life together. 

Courtesy :  Thrity Tantra (



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