FEZANA-Youth Committee Volunteers needed

Please encourage some of the young adults in your family to step up for the North American Zarathushti community and volunteer their time to serve on FEZANA’s Youth Committee. Its  a worthwhile and rewarding occupation and will bring many benefits to our community and to the generation of youth who have grown up in North America. It will also look good on their CV’s !

As you may know FEZANA is in seek of youth volunteers to lead youth activities on national level as a member of FEZANA Youth Committee. FEZANA greatly values this committee, not only for their valuable contributions to the Zoroastrian community, but also, for facilitating building a bridge between different generations.

Please inform your community and youth group of this unique opportunity and encourage the youth to volunteer their time and expertise as FEZANA Youth Committee members helping us to build a better future for North American Zoroastrians and worldwide.

For more information please visit FEZANA website or contact any of the FEZANA Executive Board members.

Thank you for your assistance.

Best Regards,
Saghar Javanshir-Behroozi
FEZANA Secretary


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