Some useful Tips and Guide Lines for the wedding in the Family

Some useful Tips and Guidelines for the wedding in the Family

All things to buy and keep ready for the Big Day – early days preparations 🙂

Kankoo ½ kg.
Haldi Powder ¼ kg.
Rice Powder ¼ kg. (rice flour)
Kharek ½ kg.
Sopari ½ kg.
Paan with stems get fresh every day.
Halad na ganthia ½ kg.
Kotla ni badaam ½ kg.
Batasa 1 kg.
Khadi Sakar ½ kg.
Rice 1 kg.
¼ kg. wheat (for Suparani reet)
4 small clean supra (for supra ni reet)
1 dry coconut vati (for supra ni reet)
¼ kg. green moong (for supra ni reet)
Rose water – Gulab Paani 1 big bottle
Mava/Chocolate ni Boi (Fish shaped) (for dahi machli ni reet)
Sev (vermacilli) depending on the no. of guests + 1 kg. extra
Ravo (sooji) depeding on the no. of guests
Vanilla, rose, icecream essence of your choice
Rose water one bottle
Badam, pista, kaju, kismis cut and keep ready for sev/rava
A box of soft tissues
Patlo for the couple to stand on
Red saree or chunni for Paghdi on Madavsora
One 9” X 9” (approx) mulmul no katko for Madavsora
Madavsora ni Pariki (you will get at jewelers)
Chowk purvana few new dabbas
Chowk no chuno
Chowk purvana colours
Oil/ghee for diva (batti)
Charcoal for loban
Sukhad, vaher, loban
Kakra ni dabbi
Match Box
Diva na glasses
Flowers to be ordered (Gajro/toran etc) on all days
Eggs 1 dozs for Achoo Michoo
Milk for Rawa, tea, coffee etc.
Milk to make sweet curd (in a big bowl for all and small bowl for the ses)
Table cloth
Sutar no daro 2 (2 or 3 taar/strads) (1 for coconut/Madavsora and one to take on the wedding day)
4 small supras (if you want to do the supra ni reet)
Arrange to get a Flower pot with red matti/mud and mango sapling for madavsora (you will get it at any nursery or your flower wala can arrange)
Coconut 2 dozs. New (clean and keep the point, one small one for the wedding day)
Envelopes 2-3 dozens
2 Red Pens
New Notes if possible for pheramni
Plates, spoons, paper napkins, trays, glasses etc. for refreshments.
Cold Drinks
Arrange to get refreshments something sweet, something salty, and keep ready.
Curtains, table cloths, flower vase, sitting arrangements etc.
Music (parsi lagan na geet are fun on these days)

Groom’s Side
Jewllery for Bride
One Gold Set consists of :
Necklace (given on Adarni)
Earrings (Dahi Machli)
Bracelet (Sasre Khore Besare)
Ring (for engagement)
One Gold Ring for Brother-in-Law (sala dakhal ni)
Gold wedding Band for Bride
Silver Band for Bride
Cash Envelopes
One Rial (you will get at any parsi Jweller)
Consists of one Silver coin with green beads
One Madavsora ni dabbi (tiny box)

3 Sets of saree :
1 for Engagement- Red or Maroon Saree, Peticoat, Blouse, Underwear, Sadro, Kasti, Shoes, Hankerchief, Scarf, Red Bengals.
1 for Adarni one-Full set as above of any colour.
1 set of Saree,Blouse piece, petticoat, sadro, Hanky and an cash envelope, for the Bride’s mother (sasu dakhalna)
1 set of saree, petticoat, blouse, sadro (for Pachli raat na lagan na)
One Shawl for Bride’s father, one envelope

Bride’s Side
One Gold wedding band
One Silver Band
One Engagement Ring Gold or Diamond
Gold shirt buttons
One Watch
One double bed with saatva mattresses, pillows
Two Chairs
One Teapoy
One Big suitcase (for full year’s clothes etc)
One small ses with batti for every day use
One Lamp
Four sets of utensils with cover (you may add whatever the grils wants to use. Cooker, dishes,non-stick, etc.

One bowl for Dahi Machli
One glass or vase for Haath dhovanu (hand washing)
One Dish or flat plate for Pug dhovanu (feet washing in milk)
One Tambri or Vase with a big mouth on which a coconut can stand to given at the time of Varovar.

Any other requirement in the house as per your wish
One Shawl for Groom’s father
3 Sets of saree:
One full set of White Wedding Saree, Blouse, petticoat hand stitched sadro, underwear, hanky, shoes. Saree Pin.

One rectangular double piece to put on the head under the saree Sor.
One Kanchli
1 set of Saree, Blouse piece, petticoat, sadro, Hanky and and cash envelope, for the Bride’s mother (sasu dakhalna)
1 set of Saree, Blouse piece, petticoat, sadro, Hanky and and cash envelope, for the Bride’s mother (Naran dakhalna)
Vaga for the Groom (as per your financial condition)
Sleeping suits
Full suit (Shirt,Pant,Coat,tie,hanky,links)
Prayer cap
Red or White Shawl
Brush, comb

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  • This list was most helpful, thank you, as the family is planning the destination wedding of my son. I was anxiously considering making one myself – FOR ALL THE DAYS!! I was taking it a step further and packing cartons and labelling them appropriately – FOR THE MADAVSARA – FOR THE ADARNI – FOR THE WEDDING ETC. Most grateful to whoever put this exhaustive list together. May Ahura Mazda bless you!

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