Significance of Pateti

Parsis are a religious community found in India and some other parts of the world. Pateti is the day preceding the Parsi New Year. The name Pateti originated from the word ‘Patet’ which means repentance.

The following day ‘Navroze’ after Pateti is the actual Parsi New Year. Many people confuse Pateti and Navroze and wrongly assume that Pateti is in fact the New Year.

Greeting – Pateti Mubarak

When the true meaning of the word Pateti is repentance, is not it paradoxical to wish someone ‘Pateti Mubarak’? Of Course, Navroze Mubarak or Saal Mubarak makes perfect sense but Pateti Mubarak? A lot of people send messages to each other saying Pateti Mubarak and some people even celebrate Pateti as a day of rejoicing. Many Parsis and non Parsis confuse Pateti with Navroze (the Parsi New Year) which is on the following day. When a person has stood in front of the Holy Fire with complete humility and sought repentance for all his past sins after saying the holy Patet Pashemani prayer, only then he acquires the right to greet another Pateti Mubarak. Once a Parsi has done this, and purged his mind, body and soul, he can wish another ‘Pateti Mubarak’.

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