Sasanian Coins

Sasanian Coins

This page will contain Sasanian coins and is a work in progress as I build it with attribution tips and techniques. For more information on coins from the Sasanian culture, please visit Thomas Mallon-McCorgray’s site. My deepest gratitude to Tom Mallon-McCorgray and Howard Cole for their assistance in confirming or changing my attributions of the coins and understanding the various marks and references. The “standard reference” I will be using for this section is Sasanian Numismatics, written by Robert Göbl in 1971, published by Klinkhardt & Biermann in Germany, 97 pages with 16 plates, 1 map and 16 tables. It is a very interesting book with many line drawings of crowns, mint marks, dates, legends and devices to assist with attributions.

Sasanian coinage can be somewhat intimidating, but it is often very beautiful. Once you learn the different attributes to observe, determining the ruler, mint, year, etc. can come along without too much difficulty. I’ve been told, once a person gains an understanding of the crown each king or queen wears, it becomes easy to quickly attribute a coin to a ruler. Below is a chart, showing each ruler and their crown, as I get examples.

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Courtesy : K F Keravala

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