Looking for Goshasp Avari

Guess you must be snowed under with requests all the time but was just chatting with an Old Barnes School class mate and we tried to figure how many in our batch were we in contact with and GOSHASP AVARI’s name came up. She was in the 1973 batch with us, was a day scholar so either from Devlali or Nasik Road
Being a day scholar her father probably had a local business with proper X Banner Stands advertising his wares. Goshasp was with us in our class in Barnes school Devlali. We passed out together in 1973. After 1973,there is no track of her. She is one of the last in our class who we have not been able To trace so far.I will be very happy if you could use your good Office to locate her. She should be 56/57 years old by now.
If you can find out would be great.
Have fun and all the best

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