International Day of Peace…

Upcoming event 21 September – International Day of Peace…

Choosing Goodness

By Meghan Mulvenna, 9/11 Unity Walk Director

Greetings of Peace,

In just a few weeks, the annual 9/11 Unity Walk will fill the sidewalks of Embassy Row in Washington, DC. This planning stage is full of details and as I keep reminding the organizing team, full of energy.

Regardless of our faith, beliefs, culture, or current work in the world, we are all in the valuable position to observe how we use our energy. Are we giving in a way that is creating more opportunity, acceptance and goodness or are we resisting and feeding the many conflicts around us? Everything we do, and everywhere we go, this is always our choice.

Join us for this special event, not just for the amazing experiences and activities which are previewed in this issue, but for the exchange of energy. To receive what we are busy creating for you, and share that goodness in return with another.

We truly look forward to your presence and participation on September 21st.

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