Tribute to Adi F Doctor

Sad News : Mr Adi F Doctor passes away

Dear Zarathushti humdins,

We regret to inform that Mr. Adi F. Doctor, veteran Zoroastrian scholar and lecturer, and a true defender of traditionality and orthodoxy, passed away today Khorshed roz, Ardibehest mah, YZ 1384 (Sat, 27 Sept 2014) at 5:05 pm in the evening.

May Ahura Mazda grant him Garothman behest and may He give solace and comfort to the aggrieved family members.

The Paidust is scheduled for tomorrow Sunday morning.

Our heartfelt condolences to the family members of Mr. Doctor.


TZML Admins.


It is with a deep sense of loss and grief that we share the news of the passing away of Mr. Adi F. Doctor, one of the stalwarts of our community. Mr. Doctor had not been keeping good health since the past few months.

Many of us on this group knew him on a personal basis, and also as a religious scholar, lecturer, and the Editor of the Dini Avaz and The Parsee Voice for many years. His knowledge of our religion and ability to explain things in simple terms made him a speaker par excellence, and attracted many of our humdins at religious lectures organised in Mumbai. 

May his Ruvan be under the panah of Sarosh Yazad and may its journey towards the higher realms be safe and quick and may it cross over to Dadar-e-Gehan and may it achieve Tan-e-Pasin. The Paidust is tomorrow morning 28th. Sept. 2014 at the Upper Bhabha Bungli, Doongerwadi.

Behram P. Dhabhar


A light that shone so brightly has been extinguished today… after reading this news, I am so disturbed…..I never had the privilege of meeting Adi Uncle in person, but I’m sure he was and is precious to all who have known him.   Me and my entire family offer our sincere condolences on his untimely death.   He was an inspiration to all of us and his death is a great loss to everyone.   He left us quietly, but He left us with a memory of which we are proud to own.
 In our heart Adi Uncle you hold a place no one could ever fill.  We were blessed to have you in our lives and you shall and will be remembered in our hearts forever; and as the time goes by we will miss you more for no one can ever fill your vacant place.
Daisy has expressed it best.
Adi Doctor was one of my best religious teachers. I met him whenever we came to Mumbai. Most unpretentious, simple, humorous and to the point, when answering religious questions. We could have done better with more like him. He was always like an old friend every time I met him
His life and talks have been an inspiration to me. The world is almost barren today, with few oeople left, like him, we and I can really talk with, who are on the same wave length as us in religious matters. With the Grace of AhuraMazda, this person was placed in Dadar Parsi colony or in Bandra when on his visits to Mumbai from California and could drink from the wine of KSHNOOM from his lips. wITH GRACE, I STILL HAVE 2 OR THREE PEOPLE OF OUR MOLD TO CONFIDE WITH IN  CALIFORNIA.
HIS SOUL IS ON IT’s WAY TO FARSSOHOGAR AND we should be happy for him.
With condolences to his family and near ones
Huge loss to ILK .One of the most noblest souls that I and everyone else would agree knew.
May his soul rest in eternal peace and continue to guide us.
Suggest a memorial meeting. for ILK community .
Huge loss to ILK .One of the most noblest souls that I and everyone else would agree knew.
May his soul rest in eternal peace and continue to guide us.
Sam Billimoria

A deep loss to ilme khshnoom anjuman very difficult to find his calibre. A very humble and softspoken person and always ready to answer any of our queries any time of day or night.Extremely knowledgeable and he lived by the priciples of khshnoom in day to day life. Sarosh yazad Panah baad dear Adi uncle.

In grief

Firdosh Sukhia


It is with a great sense of loss and sorrow that I announce the passing away of Mr Adi Furrokh Doctor, the Editor of the religious newsletter, The Parsee Voice. He was 76 years old. He is survived by his sister, Miss Rita Doctor.
He had been ailing for the last few months and was in and out of hospital. The end came ​on last Saturday evening (Sat, 27 Sept 2014). His mortal remains were consigned to the Dakhma ​the next morning.
A noted exponent of Ilm-e-Khshnoom, Adi Doctor enthralled audiences for many years with his lucid explanations on various hard core religious topics covering the entire spectrum of the Zarathoshti religion.
​His writings on religion and community politics showed his prowess over the subjectand he could inject wit and humour even in the most difficult issues. ​
He was  deeply concerned for the protection and preservation of Zarathoshti religious institutions, traditions and practices and always led from the front when it came to the matter of their protection. He never hesitated to take up cudgels
​on behalf of Atashbehrams, Agiaries and Dakhmas ​when they ​were under attack and always sought to place facts in public domain to enable the common Parsees to learn about the truth. This gave rise to ‘The Parsee Voice​’, which, in its second avatar, has completed 10 years in the service of the community.
His many enlightened articles and write-ups ​will serve as a beacon of light to future generations in matters concerning the Zarathoshti Daena.
Some of us who ​had the good fortune of knowing him intimately and interacting with him closely, will always ​experience
a sense of loss due to his untimely departure ​ because not only was he a loving Ustad to us but also a very dear friend.​
We pray that his holy Ravan ​may get the protection of Sarosh Yazad  and may ​progress from Tanasakh to Tanpasin at the earliest.
​In grief
​H. M. Mistry

One comment

  • To pay tribute to the efforts made by late scholar Adi Furrokh Doctor in educating the community about the divine knowledge of the Zarathoshti Deen and protecting and preserving its institutions, the Ilm-e-Khshnoom Anjuman has organized a meeting at Banaji Atashbehram Hall, on Sunday, 26th October 2014 at 6 p.m. Speakers from all walks of life, who have interacted with this great personality, will share details about his life and works and their experiences and interactions with him.

    All those who would like to speak on that occasion are requested to contact Ervad Marzban J. Hathiram of Behram Baug Agiary so that sufficient time can be allocated to each participant and all speakers can be accomm​odated.

    H. M. Mistry

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