Mehergan in Denmark

Some more info on  Mehregan , the second most important Zoroastrian festivals, how it is celebrated in different parts of the World by the Z community.


Centre for Zoroastrian Culture in Denmark



Wish you a very happy Mehregan, the festival of Light and Love and Promises

Tonight the 4th of October 2014

From 4 PM to 4 AM


Blegdamsvej 16 E


2200København N


We joyfully celebrate this festival with good food, good wine, beautiful live music, dance, theatre and animations.


For any information please call

Ms. Manijeh

0045 42758386  Mobile

Mehregan is originally an old-Iranian and pre-Zoroastrian feast consecrated to the sun-god, Mithra, protector of promises and contracts. But later this festival was integrated into Zoroastrian culture and is celebrated every year as the festival of light, love and gratitude for life. In the Zoroastrian calendar it takes place in the first part of Autumn, usually in October when the length of day becomes equal to night (fall equinox). This festival takes six days and after Norouz, the Zoroastrian New Year, Mehregan is the most important among the Zoroastrian festivals.

Dr Khosro Khazai Pardis


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