Call for Programs for 2015 Parliament

Dear Zarathushtis

Here is a great opportunity for the Zarathushtis of North America as well around the world to participate in this 2015 Parliament of World Religions being held in Salt Lake City, Utah, in October 2015 as noted below.
Please share this email with your members, friends, families, adults, seniors, young adults and encourage them to participate in this momentous event.
Refer to the three critical issues to be focused upon and discussed at this Parliament & let us know if you would like to participate & contribute together with FEZANA.
FEZANA will be participating & presenting several programs.  We would like to get your input and suggestions on the selection of topics that we should focus on. Please refer to the email attached below for detailed information.

FEZANA Interfaith Committee will be the primary contact for this Event.

Please contact: Rohinton Rivetna at, Homi Gandhi, Shernaz Minwalla at and Maneck Bhujwalla at
Shernaz & Maneck have been appointed as the new Co-Chairs of the FEZANA Interfaith Committee.  Look out for more information on them in the upcoming FEZANA Bulletin for October 2014.
Rohinton & Homi have been the leaders of the FEZANA Interfaith Committee for the past many many years & on behalf of the entire FEZANA family I would like to thank them for their dedication & commitment to the various causes & issues they have participated & worked for.
Rohinton & Homi will continue as advisors on this Committee.
FEZANA is looking forward to making some great presentations at this 2015 Parliament and we look forward to receiving some valuable inputs from the Zarathushtis of NA & worldwide too.
Katayun Kapadia
President, FEZANA

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