Fravahar Island in the Persian Gulf.

The plan for building an artificial island in the shape of fravahar in the Persian Gulf is under completion .The agreed confirmation for this project has also been issued. This island is being built on a 6 million and two hundred thousand  square meter land measuring 3×5 km.This island is located in front of the outskirts of the historical Siraf Harbour in the Bushehr province. This island includes Boarding and lodging sites,Hotels,University, Solar Energy Center ,Playground,A big cultural International Hall for cultural speech and conversations etc….

Dr.Esfandiyar Ekhtiyari(The Iranian Zoroastrians MP) being the managerial member of this team informed us that in the near future  the plan for this project which is being supervised by 60 executives will be executed after final analysis.This project being unique in its own kind will be displaying something of its own kind to the generations to come.

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Courtesy : Zaver Bomanbehram


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  • Ervad Ardavan Darius. Solan ( Solaina)

    Thank u for a very illuminating passage. Please keep om providing / positing such more illuminating passages from our Wonderfull Zoroastrian Religion.

    Ervad Ardavan Darius Solan (Solaina)

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