Waking in Oak Creek

As the Sikh community in Oak Creek, Wisconsin prepares for Sunday prayers, a deadly hate attack shatters their lives, but not their resilience. After six worshipers are killed by a white supremacist, the local community finds inspiration in the Sikh tradition of forgiveness and faithLieutenant Murphy, shot 15 times in the attack, joins the mayor and police as they forge new bonds with the Sikh community. Young temple members, still grieving, emerge as leaders in the quest to end the violence.
In the year following the tragedy, thousands gather for vigils and community events to honor the victims and seek connection. Together, a community rocked by hate is awakened and transformed by the Sikh spirit of relentless optimism.
Join us for the film screening and stay for a facilitated conversation in a safe space for intellectual and emotional dialogue on building community trust.
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The National Sikh Campaign has invited FEZANA to join them – this is a first step for  partnership in the American Indian community in North America with the Sikhs.
Chardri Kala – Relentless Optimism 
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Behram Pastakia


  • I’am fed up hearing about everyone’s tradition of peace & forgiveness.
    Whereas I extend my heartfelt sympathies to those that lost their loves ones in this mindless attack, let us not kid ourselves about the ‘tradition of forgiveness’ bit. They have no alternative,but to forgive in a land where they a mini-minority.
    In the aftermath of attack on the Golden Temple they brought down a Jumbo Jet killing hundreds, not to mention murdering our ex-PM Indira Gandhi & the General I/C of the assault on the Golden Temple which was habouring terrorists.
    It would sadden me if FEZANA joined up with the very people that sympathised with the Khalistanisby funding them.

  • Further to above, I would be shocked if your sir, are the same Behram Pastakia, Brig.Gen(retd) of the Indian army & the author (& reletive of??) of the Late FM-SHFJ Manekshaws’ biography.

    Their ‘honour killings’ have a very long reach ……extends as far as Punjab….happened sometime back.
    Best to be careful before getting emotionally getting carried away & indulging in any serious commitment.

    • Forgiveness is what I N D I A did to 93000 p.o.w of india- Pakistan war

      • Sikhs have been in the forefront of killing their daughters. They intend to increase their numbers by having only sons and marrying them to non Sikh women. These non Sikh women are coerced into following their Sikh religion. Look at the sex ratio in Punjab and Haryana. This is followed by them throughout the world.

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