SOAS Zoroastrian Society launch and meet & greet!

SOAS Zoroastrian Society launch and meet & greet!
When: Thu 13 November 2014 19:00-21:00

SOAS Zoroastrian Society is being launched and aims to organise regular meetings to discuss the Zoroastrian religion and celebrate Zoroastrian traditions and holidays. Students of religion and/or Iranian history and culture or those with just a personal interest in these topics can find out more by emailing and joining the FB page:

There will be a ‘Meet and Greet’ this Thursday (13 November) at the SOAS JCR (downstairs) by the bar at 7pm! Come down and get to know each other while enjoying some Persian wine and cakes together!

Contact Omid on 07914 248 991 (or via email: for further details!

(Supported by the SOAS Iranian Society)

Click Here for the website

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