First Parsi & Indian to become Superintendent of Railway Police

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This is yet another historic article sent by a friend which is interesting. It is our Parsi history which is little known today. It tells us how brave and committed our ancestors were!

There were many, many noble heroes the community produced but we have forgotten their achievements. Perhaps we should try and remember these brave souls with affection and pride so their memories remain with us, always.


Pervin Mistry

The First Parsi & Indian to become Superintendent of Railway Police of the BB&CI Railways in 1870.
Please note that BB&CI Railways stood for The Bombay Baroda & Central Indian Railways, which is the present day Western Railway.

1.     Khan Saheb Kekobad Navroji Mody was the First Parsi & First Indian to become Superintendent of Railway Police of the BB&CI Railways at the Head Quarters located at Bombay in 1870.  Khan Saheb was the Title bestowed on him by The British along with other Police Awards and Medals, for his Gallant Bravery as he wiped out decoity and raids by criminals on moving trains in India.  His authority extended on the entire length of the BB&CI Railways of that time. He was like a Knight in Shining Armour on his White Stallion Horse on which he rode with Pride, Dignity and Dedication.  For those of you who have not heard about him, you may not know he had named his Beloved Horse Rustom.

2.     He was like a Rapid Deployment Force of his time, a version of today’s SWAT Team. (SWAT stands for Special Weapons & Tactics)

3.     Once he got a message that a train was attacked in a certain area, he would take His Special Train from Bombay which had only 1 engine with a Parsi Engine Driver, 1 wagon for the Police Horses, 1 wagon for his Armed Indian Cops, and a Special Wagon for himself which was like a Mobile Armory, stacked with Arms & Ammunition, food & water, and his hand-picked and trained British Officers who were deployed under his command, and reach the spot of the incident.  Once their train reached the spot, they would disembark from the train, fan out and go on horse backs, with his Armed Officers and men to catch the criminals.  He would camp in the wilderness like an old time American Sheriff, till he either killed the criminals, or captured them and brought them back dead or alive to Bombay to face successful prosecution.

4.     One day while fighting the criminals, Rustom, his white stallion horse on which he rode with pride, was killed in action by an arrow.  It is said that he had disembarked from his horse Rustom, and an active fight was taking place with the criminals when the arrow aimed at him by a criminal was in flight and would have struck him, but his brave and beloved white stallion horse, Rustom, moved in and took the arrow, and saved Kekobad’s life.  He immediately fired his  Webbley & Scott High Power 44 Caliber Revolver and shot and killed the criminal on the spot, who had shot the fatal arrow which killed his beloved horse. Khan Saheb Kekobad Navroji Mody was so much struck with grief and remained heartbroken that he mourned his loss for the rest of his life even after he had retired from active Policy Duty.  Such was the BOND between Khan Saheb Kekobad Navroji Mody and his beloved White Stallion Horse Rustom!

5.     Such brave were the Parsis of the past with real Kyani Blood that they served with Honesty & Pride. They gallantly did their duty to God, The King and the Country.

Henceforth, when we recite our prayers and utter the words, “BEHEDIN Kekobad BEHEDIN Navroji”, we will all know that we refer to the departed Soul of the brave Behdin Kekobad Behdin Navroji, the First Parsi and the First Indian to become the Superintendent of Railway Police of the BB&CI Railways at the Head Quarters located at Bombay in 1870!
Courtesy : Sam Doctor


  • Parsis have contributed in every field of human endeavour and have given their best to earn a rightful place in the country’s roll call of honour. Jiyo Parsi.

  • What a daredevil Parsi…….
    That must have been one hell of an adventurous & a dangerous but gratifying job. None but the brave, could have done it honourably.

  • Parsis allways gives a pride to gujarati spoken people there is a no doubts about their bravery in field of business, sports, politics ,various kind of services like army, judicial ,medical,ect it’s our duty to publish a books abot parsi community for their success in indian history
    Hear i remember “fardunji marzban” the first gujarati who make printing blocks for gujarati alphabets and started first gujarati news paper. so many historical events related with parsis let’s do something abot that and particularly in”GUJARATI LANGUAGE ”
    I am not parsi but i have parsi friends and i have lots of love and respect for this community because they are true gujarati and true indian were they’re they always touch the top.

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