Parsi home loan to marry

This home loan is free of EMIs but comes with a string attached. And a hoped-for attachment.

Loan tenure: 20 years.

Ahmedabad’s Parsi Panchayat is offering homes to young men and women as an “incentive” to get married and have kids to boost the numbers of the fast-shrinking community.

“We will provide a decent flat to young couples. The only thing we want is that young Parsi men and women shouldn’t delay their marriage because of financial or accommodation constraints,” said J.P. Anklesaria, a retired brigadier and president of the panchayat.

All that the men and women need to do is decide to get married and approach the panchayat, which would provide them with a flat. It will be theirs for the next 20 years.

If a kid is born, all the more reason to celebrate.

The panchayat, a representative body of the community, has taken the cue from its counterpart in Mumbai, home to 60 per cent of the world’s 93,000 Parsis.

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