Jiyo Parsi Campaign – More Controversy than Children!

When the previous government first announced the Jiyo Parsi scheme my initial reaction was “too little … too late”. Whether Congress or BJP, Parsis are not even a vote bank for any political party. But, playing the ‘minority card’ is always good PR. I left it at that.

It’s a grant of ten crore rupees over three years. At one level it’s a good sum of money. However, for the Parsi community it’s probably the worth or value of just two flats at Cusrow Baug or perhaps three at other colonies. So why are we getting so carried away?
The recent advertising campaign is creative but also creatively crass at times. You seriously think a true blue bawa will read the bill board and chuck the condom away … unless perhaps his ‘mummy’ reads it and decides to hide it away!!! But, jokes apart, this campaign has only amusement value (especially for non-Parsis) and hardly the kind which will lead to action.
Every Parsi is fully aware that the numbers are dwindling and they require neither a reminder nor ratification! Generally awareness building is the first step to a solution. But here, the awareness already exists.
The campaign has created a lot of Excitement. But has it created Enthusiasm?
Perhaps the media is more excited about this than the Parsis and using it now as a tool to draw in other agendas of inter-marriage, gender rights etc.
There was a time when our proud forefathers only gave and politely refused any favours from the government. Have we become so impoverished today that we need 10 crores from the government of India to treat infertile couples? Do we need to make fools of ourselves with campaigns that will only tickle but not tempt?
If Parsis must die at least let them die with dignity.
We don’t doubt the good intentions. But who was it who said, the path to hell is paved with good intentions!
We have become fodder for the media who is always hungry for controversial bytes.
Let’s cease making fools of ourselves. It is a community issue and let the community address it not the media.

Courtesy: Noshir H. Dadrawala


  • Noshir Dadrawalla is absolutely correct. The problem is not a medical one as is sought to be made out. There community is dwindling due to social factors, such a housing problems, late marriages till the man is financially independent to raise a family, unreasonable demands and expectations of girls who often believe that marriage is a shortcut to riches, intolerance to live in a a joint family with the in-laws, unwillingness to have children immediately, voluntarily restricting the number of children so as to have a better standard of living, etc…. At least one of the advertisements instigating de-linking from mom will encourage further intolerance. The problem is further aggravated due to infighting and factionalism between the trustees of the BPP, who are squandering the trust funds on meaningless litigation and harassing members of the Parsi community instead of addressing these issues. We are more concerned about the disposal of dead Parsis than those who are living!!!

    • Excellent comment. Trustees of BPP and certain Trusts in DPC think that the funds are their personal property and harass their tenants by enriching themselves at the cost of middle class Parsis. Shame on them.

  • Well said Noshir,

    While intentions may be good the action has to come from within the Community and not from without.

    Was the BPP sleeping when the community was dwindling?

    No single Trustee thought about the same in making their election manifesto.

    Statistics r revealing that 55% of the girls getting married to outside the community. Even boys are 40% marrying outside the community.

    Khao Parsi, Pivo Parsi, Maro Parsi.

    The community is dying.

    Minoo Patel

    Rs. TEN CRORES against Ten Billion $ of only one parsee. Come on ZARTHOSTI’S stop being happy at this hand out . 4’s come on u won’t
    find a dent at all.

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