Bombay Parsee Assn celebrates 93rd anniversary

The 93rd anniversary of the Bombay Parsee Association was held in Albless Baug on Saturday. The function involved the felicitation of the members of the association and the ones who have made the community proud.

The awardees included Aspi Sarkari, who is the Ex chairman and Divisional Commander of Parsi Ambulance Division. He is also a first-aid trainer and served during the relief operations of the Gujarat earthquake, relief operations during the tsunami and during the 26/11 attacks. Jasmine J Mistry, who joined the Girl Guide Movement in 1962 at the age of seven, has also trained several Rajya and Rashtrapati Guides in her own group and in her district.

Delna M. Talati, who topped ICSE with 96 per cent, was awarded trophy and cash prize by FOZAWAC (Federation of Zorastrian Welfare and Cultural Association). Jamsheed K Master, who represented India at the Education Beyond Borders Conference in Dubai and is also the author of published research paper ‘Industry’s Handshake with Rural India’ and Jehan Jamshed Daboo, a badminton player and is ranked number 37 in the world in the deaf category in badminton, represented India in the 22nd Deaflympics held at Sofia in Bulgaria in 2013.

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