Jiyo Parsi: An Inside Perspective

Dr. Zinobia Madan, one of the founding members of the Jiyo Parsi Programme, on what the project really means to the community “Marriage may Photo on 21-11-14 at 7.25 pm #2with propriety be called the chief concern of human life. When we reflect that from it arises the nearest and most endearing relationships which go to form the comfort and happiness of existence in this world — husband and wife, parents and children, brothers and sisters, and many others – the importance of the institution, in all its bearings on the welfare of society, will at once be recognized” – William Tegg, The Knot Tied.

The Zoroastrian religion takes a similar view of marriage. Marriage is considered as an institution that finds favour with the Almighty. Ahura Mazda says: “O Spitama Zarathushtra, indeed I thus recommend here unto thee, a man with a wife above an unmarried man), a man with a family above one without any family, a man with children above one who is without children.” (Vendidad, 4.47)

“That place is happy over which a holy man builds a house, with fire, cattle, wife, children and good followers.” (Vend. 3.2) Marriage as an institution is strongly revered by our religion. Likewise, having children is blessed by the Almighty and is considered to bring happiness to the family.

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