XYZ thanks you for your support

Dear Parents and Well Wishers,
XYZ has officially launched and all of us cant thank you enough for all the wishes and messages that you have sent us. I promise to try and reply to all of them at the earliest.
We had over 250 children participate on stage at the launch and over 900 people who were cheering for them in the audience.
We will be sending you a link for the pictures and video of the launch event. You can also like us on facebook by clicking on the link –
The volunteers of all 7 groups need all the credit of pulling off this fantastic show and the effort put in by them is truly commendable.
XYZ - Hindustan Times - Page 1 and 6
The community has supported this initiative and we are grateful. More than just the community, the press has also been super sensitive with lots of our pictures and articles appearing online )(
We were also featured on Page 1 and 6 of Hindustan Times and Page 2 of DNA on Monday, 22nd December 2014 
As it is correctly said, this is just the beginning… Our first event is on Christmas Day, where our XYZs will be travelling to old age homes and orphanages to celebrate Christmas with the orphans and seniors.
This activity is part of our Social Service Initiative of Zoroastrians Stepping Forward where our kids will be bringing smiles on numerous faces.
XYZ - DNA - Page 2
This activity is for XYZ participants along with their grand parents or parents. If no one is able to come, the XYZs can also come themselves.
The groups of Daraius’ Daredevils and Cyrus’ Superstars will be going to the Parekh Dharamshala at Huges Road. (Seniors)
The groups of Jamshed’s Giants, Homai’s Heroes and Behram’s Battalion will be going to Manav Seva Sang at Worli (Children & Seniors)
The groups of Rustom’s Rockstars and Tehmurasp’s Titans will be going to the Cama Home at Bandra. (Seniors)
The buses will pick up the participants by 9:00 am at different venues, you can speak to your volunteers for the same and confirm if your child will attend the same. 
Post their time at the organisation, all of them will travel to the Bhikha Behram Well to attend the Ava Roj Humbandagi and a talk by Ervad Dr. Ramiyar Karanjia and will then receive their Christmas presents from XYZ and head back home around noon.
Please make sure that all XYZs carry one goodie bag whose value is anywhere between Rs. 100 and 200. Please avoid putting items of more value in any one goodie bag, you can send more bags for more children or seniors.
For example, in a goodie bag you can have toiletries like talcum powder, lotion, toothpaste, soaps etc. You can also have biscuits and chocolates along with art and craft material for the kids.
Please ensure that no old clothes, toys or products are in the goodie bags as this is given to try and bring smiles on peoples faces and wish them a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.
If you are unable to attend the event or send your child and would still like to give a goodie bag, please do contact your volunteers for the same and you can hand it over to them by Wednesday evening. 
Also if you would like to sponsor goodie bags in other groups or at other organisation, please do call the volunteers for the same.
If you have any doubts, please call the following:
JASZMINE – 9821099824 (DD & CS)
HUTOXI – 9821043319 (JG, HH & BB)
KASHMIRA – 9819231825 (RR & TT)
Once again, I would personally like to thank you for your overwhelming support for XYZ and I looks forward to the same in the future as well.
Thanks and Regards,
Hoshaang Gotla
Founder, XYZ


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