Overseas Opportunities for Entrepreneurs

Highseas Collaborations of British Columbia (HCBC) is trusted for innovative solutions and opening up new markets for our clients in US, Canada, UK, India, China and Hong Kong since 2008.

If you are interested in expanding overseas, imports or exports, investing in China, India or Canada, or seriously exploring new solutions for your industrial challenges, we will identify appropriate channels, technology know-how, even partner with you as your local agency, bringing our industry connections in distant countries to your advantage.  We ensure that your job is done right away, whatever it takes to achieve success.

We pride in business development and building innovative solutions. We listen carefully and work collaboratively with highly ethical industries, universities, government agencies and other service providers. We have healthy disregard for short cuts and zero tolerance for free lunch.

Shapoor Marfatia   MBA(UBC), B.Tech & M.Tech (IIT Powai)



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