Parzor Crafts Catalogue 2015

The Parzor crafts updated Catalog is attached…..  parzor catalogue combined Feb 2015 Capture
The proceeds from donations will go  towards supporting the research and preservation work done by the Parzor Foundation.
FEZANA has partnered with PARZOR in making available the reprint (2014)  of the 3rd Edition of the  Book,
  “The Divine Songs of Zarathustra – Translations of the Gathas into English” by Irach JS Taraporewala, in India…
Niloufer Shroff,    at PARZOR,
Office Phone: +91 – 11 – 265 13560
F-17 Haus Khas Enclave,
New Delhi – 110016, India
Click Here for the Catalog

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  • Mrs. D. Karanjia

    I have been trying to buy some of the embroidered Parzor articles from the Parzor 2015 catalogue. There seems to be no way to do online shopping for their items. Does Parzor keep a range of their embroidered products & gift card boxes at any shops in South Bombay. I need these URGENTLY as gifts for friends living abroad.
    Mrs. K

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